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Discover the story of Xavier Régin brand, our vision, our mission, our achievements.


For the XAVIER REGIN man, elegance resides in simplicity. Our men's collection blends the essence of classic British sophistication with modern aesthetics, creating a distinctive style we call 'Elegant Sobriety'. The pieces, tailor-made for the perfect silhouette, are designed for versatility, as impeccable in a tuxedo as in a more casual outfit. We use premium materials to reflect luxury and durability, and our color palettes tend towards understated neutrals with occasional accents of bolder colors, for an effortless sense of distinction.

For the XAVIER REGIN woman, style is an expression of femininity in its most refined light. Our feminine "Sophisticated Glamour" collection fuses timeless Hollywood glamor with contemporary chic. We offer feminine and edgy outfits, with a selection of fitted dresses, sophisticated trouser suits and glamorous beachwear. Our luxurious materials, adorned with silk, sequins and pearls, offer remarkable elegance. Colors vary from classic neutrals to more vibrant and daring shades, for a style that is both bold and elegant.

XAVIER REGIN the quintessence of luxury and elegance. With us, every piece is a statement of style, a symbol of sophistication, an emblem of timeless elegance.


At XAVIER REGIN we believe that we should all have in our dresser 1 or 2 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts that are all high-quality - not more. But not less.


You order, and we produce. The way forward to the future of fashion.


You want to know where the raw materials come from, who worked on them, what was the process and is it respectful of our environment. We chose transparency and reknown textiles partners to make sure you get the crème de la crème clothes of your dreams.

Our Values

High-Standing Quality

We source all of our products at their best locations. We work with the real people in contact with the fabrics.


Our outfits and pieces are unique and classic. You need one, but we can promise that it will last all your life !

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Yay! We respect the environment and reduce as much as possible our carbon print on earth.

our story

our story

XAVIER RÉGIN is a luxury brand for men and women, created in 2022.

We are specialized in men tuxedos and suits. Their designs can switch from the very classic British style to the flashy tuxedo with silver rhinestones, intended for prestigious social events, international film festivals and openings.

our vision

our vision

Reliable Fashion

Sustainable Sourcing

Timeless Trends

Affordable Shopping

Xavier Regin, the Creator

Xavier Regin, the Creator

The man with a vision and a lifestyle

Born in Paris, France, Xavier Régin grew up in a world of quintessence and luxury. Fascinated by the world of fashion, he always had a precise idea and vision of his fashion. XAVIER REGIN is the result of years of research and deep knowledge of the fashion industry to create unique and timeless pieces for men and women.

Naiara Costa, the CEO

A Visionary in Luxury and Beauty

Meet Naiara Costa, the dynamic powerhouse at the helm of XAVIER REGIN. Brazilian-born and steeped in the world of luxury, Naiara embodies the pioneering spirit and timeless elegance at the heart of our brand. As CEO, she brings unparalleled expertise to the luxury realm and a deep understanding of the beauty industry.

Danielle Kouombi, the Designer

The woman with the creativity and incredible talent

Born in Cameroon, she moved in with her aunt, a famous dressmaker in Yaoundé, whe she was 8 years old. She quickly fell in love with textiles, the sound of the machine streaming, the happiness of all the customers in her tiny shop. She knew that this is what she will do and created various collections for XAVIER REGIN.

Mariana Barcelos, the Manager

Mastermind Behind Innovative Funding & Production Strategies

Introducing Mariana Barcelos, the strategic force driving funding resources. With a keen eye for opportunity and a talent for orchestrating successful production strategies, Mariana is pivotal in bringing our luxury creations to a global audienc

Responsible by nature

Responsible by nature

Our products are made to last, which means we can reduce the impact of manufacturing clothes over years.

We don't overproduce, only what our customers need.

We stay local and keeping things traceable: not easy in this still overly opaque industry.

Free the bodies !

We love all bodies.

We cherish how unique is each and every one of us.

We develop our collections with this thought and will to create tailor made clothes but yet timeless.

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